Ashop mural: The Siren Of St-Vallier

Ankh One and Dodo Ose

20'H x 50'W

Acrylic and Spraypaint

Painted between July 27th and august 3rd 2016

6560 St-Vallier, Montréal, Québec

Inspired by the fluidity and texture of the Symbolist movement, an eminent woman is interlaced dynamic draperies. Floating in an imaginary space, she is crowned by the constellations. These celestial ornaments represent the dreamworld. Her majestic robe trails for the entire 50 feet of the mural and explodes into a multicolored beam of light and energy. The rich tapestry of brightly coloured shapes are interlaced with more illustrative components and graffiti lettering to give a good balance of textures and movement.

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