Ashop Mural: The Fountain of Bartholdi

Dodo Ose

13'H x 32'W

Acrylic and Aerosol

Painted between august 24th and september 3rd, 2016

1871 St-Catherine West, Montreal, Quebec

This mural was inspired by the Fountain of Bartholdi, an icon of the artist's hometown. The original sculpture is located at Place Des Terreaux in downtown Lyon. It was created by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and was inaugurated in 1982. It represents France and her four rivers.
In Dodo Ose's interpretation, the horses emerge from an aquatic abstraction inspired by the shapes and movement of his graffiti lettering. Complex textures were created with a paintbrush and aerosol technique. The mural represents a childhood memory of the artist. A memory inspired by the grandiose sculpture located near the home he grew up in.

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