Ashop Crew in Los Angeles

We recently flew out the whole crew to Los Angeles for our #DegreesOfPerfect projet.
We could have just lounged around the shopping district or the beach like every other tourist, but thats not how we roll. Instead we linked up with the local graff veterans and got busy painting a gigantic 152' long mural. It is located at The Container Yard in the Art District.
Everyone who worked on #DegreesOfPerfect came through and rocked a piece, as well as a few other Ashop Crew troopers. This includes Ankh One, Earth Crusher, Benny Wilding, Dodo Ose, Fluke, Zek One, Scien and Klor (123Klan), Bacon and Slick. We also had the honour of welcoming local OG's, Sleeps and Prime, who we linked up with through Slick.

The artwork is directly inspired by the big city of dreams. A sultry model bathes in a rich tapestry of graffiti and local scenery. The bear is the symbol of California, whereas the police helicopter is the official national bird. Squad cars explode in a flurry of movie-set pyrotechnics. Of course we had to have a lowrider cruising through the desert, in respect to the local customs and traditions. A latin style crystal skull is also a nod to the cultural heritage of the area.

Everyone made us feel so welcome during our stay, and the parties were epic. From our own #DegreesOfPerfect launch to the Container Yards 2nd anniversary bash. A huge shout out to Ash, Landon, Todd, Laura and Cartwheel Art. An extra special shout out to Big Dick's Hardware for the paint supplies.

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