A'shop Mural: Maurice ''The Rocket' Richard

Zek One and Dodo Ose

27'H x 36'W

Acrylic and spraypaint

Painted between October 18 and 27th, 2015

1014 Fleury East.

The conceptual approach to this project is inspired by the mood of the Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighbourhood.

We chose to create a mural with a contemporary composition, but has a sober and mature aesthetic akin to a historical mural. A large portrait of Maurice Richard is supported by geometric patterns that give a modern flair to the wall. These elements are created with a transparency technique that is unique to Zek One.

A postal frame adds a more pronounced structure to the composition. It also gives the feel ofarchive photos, memoirs and letters hidden in dusty attics. It adds to the historical touch of the mural which is also showcased using a "sepia" color palette associated with archive footage. The postal frame is also used to present the work as a message. A letter of sorts, that travels across the generations to inspire the young people of our time.

On the left side of the wall, a street hockey scene with young people reminds us that even hockey legends began in the streets. Mr. Richard was indeed a hero of the people, and nothing communicates that message better that the tradition of passing on hockey knowledge to the youth. Sure enough, the alley where the mural is located served popular place for street hockey kids of Ahuntsic. In addition, the restaurant where the mural was painted (La Molisana) was frequented by the hockey legend.

Mr. Richard's signature completes the wall in the same colours of the Molisana canopy in order to integrate the mural with its environment.

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The inauguration was amazing! The Richard family was present, in addition to Habs veteran Réjean Houle. Maurice Richard 's childhood team, the Ahuntsic Braves also participated in game of floor hockey.

A big thank you to all our partners for this project :

The City Of Montreal, Prevention Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Ford Québec and Bombingscience.

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