A'SHOP banging it out @ the Mural Festival

If you were walking aimlessly on St-Laurent during the Mural festival a couple of weeks back, you couldn’t have missed the swanky granny on the corner of Pine and St-Laurent. Bumping our beats and emptying our beers faster than spray cans, the A'Shop crew was invited to rep the local scene among 20 other artists from national and international waters. It was quite an honor to share the same sandbox with legends such as Omen, Labrona, Roa, Pixel Pancho, Other, and Reka One, amongst many others.

Rockin’ out on one of the busiest corners of Montreal was nothing new to the crew. The location definitely attracted a large crowd. Even then, being the loudest and rowdiest, there’s no doubt our presence would have been known regardless. Special thanks to legendary Tony Touch, graffiti auntie Martha Cooper, Mook Life, DannyGirl, Montrealistik, Kris Murray, Pascale, the almight K6A crew and all the other tag-alongs for bringing the vibe to the block. All to say, there ain’t no party like an A’SHOP party.


Now, back to buisness, - this piece was pulled together on the first day of the festival as the clique quickly scratched the original concept. Freestyled on the spot, the collective input decided on a swanky granny wilding on the Main and rocking a graffiti dress. The style of the mural was chosen to honor the old school, the roots of graffiti, while integrating a new school twist. In the end, we were there “doing what we do best, banging out huge walls” (Fluke); and the proof is in the pudding. 


Introducing the artists, the faces that brought this ghetto granny to life; from AʼSHOP itself we had ZEK, DODO, FLUKE, and APASHE. Collaborating with us was the inescapable talent, ARPI and AXE. Special shout-out to DCAE for the helping hands.

Fluke and Martha Cooper flashing the peace and thumbs.

Fluke and Martha Cooper flashing the peace and thumbs.