A'Shop X Simons, Full HD!

In July, we worked with the architectural firm Lemay Michaud on the visuals of the Twik section at the Boutique Simons Old Quebec. In the midst of renovations, we spent a week on site to embellish the walls and ceilings in several areas. The style developed for this project is super colorful, hyper detailed and quite different from our usual stuff - we called upon our two favorite Pink Ladies, Lacey and Layla to develop sketches and for the on-site creation. Full color and full HD, one of our favorite projects of the summer! The majority of the pictures below are courtesy of photographer Serge Demers. Thank you to Lemay Michaud, Lacey, Layla and Simons!

simon serge demers photographe 21.jpg
simon serge demers photographe 17.jpg
simon serge demers photographe 16.jpg
simon serge demers photographe 24.jpg