For the 3rd year in a row, A’SHOP was live at Osheaga banging out a mural all weekend for the STM. Among the mist of the crowd, while people were packed on the hill in front of the main stage, we had the red carpet rolled out for us.  


We had been working closely with the STM to conceptualize the energy of Montreal. If you hadn’t noticed because of your double vision, the mural spelled out “On vous sort à MONTREAL” with the word Montreal enlarged and dominating the majority of the wall. Each of its letters framed a classic scene out of Montreal; picnik electronik, the botanical gardens, … and of course, Osheaga. Combined together, it tells the story of our cities iconic festivals. We had our usual gems from the A’SHOP crew working on this project: ZEK, DODO, APASHE, FLUKE, and ANKH.

It was a great feeling to be part of such a massive melting pot of artists, painting to the beats of Big Boi & Kendrick, with an ocean of eyes on us. The high energy of the crowd was electric, putting us in the Osheaga vibe instantaneously. We quenched our thirst and spotted a few celebrities with the luxury of our VIP access. Once the sun came down and the crowd migrated home en mouvement collectif, our work shirts came off and the real animals of A’SHOP were ready to celebrate a long day on the grind. The first nights were rather tamed compared to the closing party; the music was electric, the girls were seductive, the shots were flowing and our need to go-all-out had reached a pinnacle. Even when last call rolled around, we decided to keep the good vibes going back at the office. “Its these kinds of gigs that really bring the A’SHOP crew together, when we celebrate our hard work together” (Pasquale). 

Thank you to the STM for not only inviting us to rep them at Osheaga for the 3rd time, but also for kicking it with us every night - work hard, play harder. If you missed us doing what we do best, we’ll see you next year.