A'Shop goes old Paris style

A good chunk of our month of May was spent working on this project: a realistic, sepia-toned depiction of old Paris architecture for the head offices of GB Cotton, a masonry supplier in St-Michel.  This was a departure from our usual style, and was all brush work as opposed to spray paint so we called in some reinforcements to help out: FLEO came through for support, as well as Lacey and Layla, two amazingly talented visual artists, friends of A’Shop and all-around awesome chicks. With them as well as FLUKE, ZEK, and OSER working at it, the project took 2 weeks to complete and was totally worth it in the end. Check out the pictures for proof!

vieux paris 9.jpg
vieux paris 11.jpg
vieux paris 27.jpg
vieux paris 28.jpg
vieux paris 31.jpg