Back To The Roots

FLUKE and Phil got to kick off painting season this year by returning to their own old high school , Cavelier-de-Lasalle, for a 3-day graffiti workshop with a group of students. The first 2 workshops were held at the school so FLUKE and Phil returned to their roots, seeing their old teachers and revisiting their old classrooms where they got to talk graffiti, exchange ideas and go to work with each student on sketching out the production. On the first sunny day of the year, the group started off early with a visit to A’Shop where they got to see our studio space, then off to Sino Shop to stock up on paint, and finally set up at the legal wall on Rouen to clean up and prime the walls. The afternoon was spent painting an entire side of the tunnel, with FLUKE, Phil and OSER lending a hand. It was really cool to see each student develop their style and technique, and to chat with other writers who came out to paint that day. To top it off, the school came through with food and drinks and we got the barbecue going all afternoon – sunshine, paint, and good eats, what more could we ask for?

cavelier 1.jpg
cavelier 12.jpg
cavelier 13.jpg