A'Shop's Little Helpers

Check out this amazing work that Zek and Dodo carried out in just one week! This project was so fun to pull off. We got to work in tandem with several people from La Maison de la Culture Maisonneuve, Y’a Quelqu’un L’Aut’Bord Du Mur, as well as parents and kids from the community. After an initial meetup to brainstorm and get everyone’s opinions, including the kids, we developed several concepts. This final one was picked by all and as soon as the weather was kind enough, Zek and Dodo set to work. The coolest part, however, was getting the neighbourhood kids involved. We left a special spot for them to add their mark on and once the mural was done, a bunch of them showed up to help finish the work. Check out the pics below, and get ready for some epic adorableness!