A'shop Cote-Des-Neiges mural: Beyond the seasons

A girl and a squirrel
Both in a trance
Under a spell
Watching snowflakes dance
In an encapsulated world
Beneath winter's grip
Denying spring
A landing strip

-Poem by Ana at Cora (2014)
inspired by the Beyond The Seasons mural

This 26 x 40 foot mural was executed by Dre, Dodo Ose and Zek on the corner of
Lacombe and Gatineau streets near Cote-Des-Neiges metro station. As a nod to this
vibant Montreal neighbourhood's name, huge snowflakes decorate the background of the mural. A graceful woman, symbolizing the guardian of time and the winter season, holds a snowglobe which contains architectural references of the area, such as the St. Joseph observatory and the Université de Montreal. The squirrel, a resourceful local critter, reminds us that in times of cold it is better to stock up on supplies. After all, the future is in our hands, just like the snow globe nestled in our guardians icy palms. The entire mural was painted with Molotow brand aerosol as well as acrylic primer.

We would like to thank our partners , the City of MontrealPrevention NDG, Sub-V and Bombingscience without which this project would not have been possible!

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