A'shop visits 156 All Starz: By Our Own Rules

In the wake of the infamous 156 crew's 30 anniversary, the Bronx Museum of Arts got plastered with artwork by some of the world's finest graffiti writers. This is the real deal people. The originators of the culture, lined up with veterans of the train terrain as well as master manipulators of aerosol effects. For those of you reading these lines that have just recently been acquainted to the wonderful universe of color, crawling and sprawling through the streets of our planet, take notes. 
Amongst A'shops own Zek One, the works featured included other 156 all starz such as: Hsix, JonOne, Cope2, Faust, Bates, Dize, Lady K, Gothic Hangman, Snatch, Set, Indie184, Beto, Steam, Migel, Omni, Scan, Enter, Bind, Criz and many others.
Special guest included the legendary Henry Chalfant as well as Large Professor.

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