A'shop Mural: Love Letters

"To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving"

This was but one of the many messages of love we recieved from our followers in the wake of this one-of a kind project. 

To mark the launch of the new SAQ Italian wine, Pasqua Rosso Veneto, we created the world's first "interactive" mural. It is located on the facade of a building on Saint-Laurent Boulevard between Sherbrooke and Prince Arthur.

The mural is inspired by the wine's label that showcases a part of the famous Verona wall where Romeo and Juliet would have first met. Each year, thousands of passerby's add messages of love to this wall, creating a chaotic graffiti mural expressing the deepest of human sentiment.

Likewise, we decided to let our followers express their own love messages through twitter and instagram. We selected the best ones to paint, along with some expressions of love taken from all languages of the world.

The final mural is an excersise in modern calligraphy, a true ode to Love Letters.

The mural was designed by Fluke, and executed with the help of Zek and Benny Wilding.

A special shoutout to our paint sponsor, Bombingscience, the boys at MURAL for helping us find the wall and Station 16 for hosting the launch.

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MuralsKrzysztof Wilk