A'shop mural: Working Class Hero

A superb solo piece by A'shop crew's Dodo Ose, this mural is located on the corner of Hochelaga and Mousseau st. in Montreal. It was produced with the help of local organisations YQQ and Solidarité Mercier Est.

The mural is an ode to the spirit of the hard working proletarians that built Mercier-Est literally from the ground up. The industrial past of the area is reflected in the background with silhouettes of the cranes that peppered the shorebank's. The boat is also a nod to the now demolished Canadian Vickers shipyard, an industrial powerhouse that employed many of these working class heroes.
Using his famous transparency technique Dodo also overlayed 1907, the foundation date of Village Tétreaultville, now known as Mercier-Est. His central character dominates the scene while looking of to the distance; perhaps to a brighter future where generations will benefit from the economic prosperity that he and his counterparts built through blood, sweat and tears.

A special thanks to our partners in grind, Bombingscience without who this project could not have been possible.

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