A'shop Mural: The Sage And The Muse

This huge 95'x17' mural is on the west wall of the Mercier Library at 8105 Hochelaga street. An original creation by Ankh One, Dodo Ose and Zek One, it is inspired by the mutiple cultural activities showcased within the library. Dance, film, sculpture, poetry, origami and of course, graffiti art, each find their place within the composition of the mural. The Muse and the Sage characters represent the spontaneous inspiration and calculated reflection that are at the base of any successful artistic creation. These two opposing forces complement each other in the passionate expression of creativity. The area that encompasses the Muse is more organic and free-flowing, whereas the section inhabited by the Sage is decorated with linear elements that are more typical to the left hemisphere of the mind.

This wall took a total of 14 days to accomplish with three of Montreals best muralists working at it full time.

We are very proud of the result and would like to thank our partners; La Ville de MontréalDirection de la Culture et du Patrimoine, Arrondissement de Mercier-Hochelaga-MaisonneuveRevitalisation Urbaine intégrée de Mercier-Est, Ya Quelqu'un L'autre Bord Du Mur and Bombingscience who's support allowed this mural to come to life.

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