The biggest A'shop mural ever!

All walls were not created equal. This monster happens to be one of the largest murals we have had the pleasure of working on.
The City Of Pointe-Claire Public art commitee and the Stewart Hall Art Gallery partnered up to offer this mural as a commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Pointe Claire Canoe Club. This thematic mural depicts the fauna of Lac Saint-Louis as well as the various forms of canoe practiced by the club. 
The unique structure of the building offered an interesting challenge as well as a creative opportunity for this wall. Originaly a water pumping station, this Fibonacci shaped structure now serves as storage for the Canoe Club. 
It took four of our artists a total of two weeks and countless gallons of paint to complete the mural. 
Wall concept by Ankh One and Fluke. Painted and designed by Axe, Zek One, Benny Wilding and Dodo Ose.

We would like to thank The City Of Pointe-Claire, Stewart Hall Gallery and Bombingscience for their support on this project, as well as an extra special thank you to photographer Seth Casteel for letting us use an image from his popular Underwater Dogs series.

Original blueprints of the building, as well as our 3-D rendering of the structure on SketchUp.
(Click on images to enlarge)

Unravelled image of the main outer spiral (Click to enlarge)
The highest point on the wall measures 12'. 

Front structure (click to enlarge)

Details of the wall (click to enlarge)

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