A'Shop x AMT

Here at A'shop, we got love for all our clients. We appreciate every one who approaches us with a cool project that involves our mural artist's skills, or to paint for exclusive parties and events. But once in a while we get to collaborate with a company that just fits perfectly with our street art background. The mural we did for the Wirth Rail Montreal office was one of them, but we just recently got a wall that most graffiti muralists only dream about. We feel extremely lucky (well it isn't all luck now...I think our talent had a lot to do with it!) to have been asked by the prestigious Quebec rail company, AMT, to create a thematic mural for a protective wall barrier alongside their tracks in NDG.
We love trains and anything train related, so this one was an absolute blast to paint! 

photo 2.JPG

The mural is entirely painted with Molotow spraypaint, huge thanks to our partners at Bombingscience!


The mural is in three parts, each design was overseen by the master Zek One. This part represents the AMT rail lines in Griffintown. It was painted by Dodo Ose.


The center piece was painted by Zek One. He choose to go for a monochromatic blue in order to tie in each muralists unique style. Also the mainly Molotow Shock blue and Tulip Blue represent the AMT logo's colours.

The last piece of the mural was painted by Cemz. The Montreal train platform's perspectives and line work match the angles used for the background and represent the forward motion of the trains. 

Our mural is visible from the bike path overpass on Grand Boulevard in the Montreal neighborhood of NDG. Be sure to check it out!

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