A'Shop visits MTLSLAPS

Last night our friends from Sub-V hosted MTLSLAPS, an event curated by sticker exchange project ANewStreetArt. We were very impressed by the amount of research and attention to detail that these guys put in. Stickers from all around the world, including big names like Menos and JesusSaves were showcased in collective collages. Every sticker was catalogued by artist name and even included every contributors website. Fake mailboxes were built and used as a surface to expose as well as numerous frames. The sheer amount of stickers was overwhelming! There was even a huge table of freebies, I left with my pockets stuffed!
Obviously our team had some stuff in there as well. See if you can spot them on the pics ;)

Make sure to check the ANewStreetArt website and follow them on facebook and instagram for a daily dose of eye candy.

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