A'Shop X Coco Rico

Rotisserie Coco Rico has been a symbol of Montreal’s Portuguese community and a cornerstone of solid eats in the Plateau for as long as we can remember. The restaurant had been sporting an old bombed out mural for some time now and the owners reached out to us to give it new life. But what started out as a simple cover up job quickly became more of a neighborhood jam. The street fair was in full effect so we had folks coming on through from all over, lots of old friends and hood rats came out to chill and check it, and the local Portuguese community really amped about the mural too. We chose the design elements (the rooster, boat, arch, and tile mosaic) to pay homage to the Portuguese culture, but we had no idea how much it meant to them. The feedback was amazing, some people were pretty emotional, there were some tears, the local Portuguese TV station even came out to interview us. This was an awesome job, we got to paint a dope mural, enjoy the sun, music and friends that came to see us, eat amazing Portuguese BBQ, and give something back to a great community. What more could you ask for?

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