Can You Rock: International graffiti festival.

 Can You Rock 2011 was a complete success this year. The pre-party was considered by many to be the party of the summer or year by that point. We had Cope2, Sen2, and the King Bee from NYC in town as well as Bacon and Wundah from Toronto, and plenty of other big heads from around the way. Fake and A'shop put there creative talents together to pull off one of the best Can You Rock jams since this festival was first put on 6 years ago (Meeting of Styles formerly). 

Our team spent countless hours re-decorating our studio to create an immersive environment to showcase artwork from around the world. K6A crew rocked out with a HD music set performed from inside a boxing ring installation, and the turnout was amazing. Thanks to everyone that came through and made this party unforgettable!


The murals were painted in two days on a 6000 square foot wall on Cabot street. All the pieces came out great and the weather was absolutely perfect. This jam captured the essence and spirit of our culture and we are extremely proud to have had the opportunity to give back to the scene and create bridges with the international graffiti community. 

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