A'Shop [À la shop] is an artist-run production company specialized in graffiti murals, street art and urban aesthetics. Our team started during the birth of Montreal’s graffiti scene in the early 90s, with some of our members acting as pioneers of the movement. We decided to officially associate as of 2009 in order to offer the most professional and efficient visual art service in the province. Equipped with 4000 square feet of studio and office space, we offer a wide range of creative resources and solutions, such as large-scale murals, live performances, decor, canvas art and custom design work for both commercial and private clients. Innovative ideas, authentic creations and street credibility are our signature style. We are the reference.




At A’shop our goal is not only to provide a sustainable environment for our artists, but also to bring about positive change to our community through art. We seek to educate and uplift through the poetry of paint and we hope to drive a domino effect of change by inspiring the artist that resides in the hearts of every citizen, young or old. By enhancing the value of our urban architecture we aim to improve the cultural standing of our city as well as providing beautiful public art that is accessible for all to enjoy.